The Spirit that lives in all, lives deep within our cells.  Transform, ignite, embrace, all that you are.  YOU are the walking, breathing Truth.
Ancient Shamanic Lomi Lomi - Sacred Transformational Massage of Ancient Hawai'i, encompassing body, mind and spirit. (Home Page).


Cellular Transformation • Trauma Release • Sacred Transmission • Alchemy
Finding Your Innate Wisdom




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"Dear Jody,
So much has changed since the workshop...the change Within is a noticeable peace of mind,  ease and  inner strength, COMING FROM my  trust and faith in this universe that has increased so much. The magical world has opened up for me, I feel supported and guided and I have NO doubt  AT ALL  about that anymore, it feels like a much deeper Knowing…My mind has discarded some of its limited thinking and accepts the endless possibilities of every moment.  I just feel so incredibly good about myself, knowing that I inherit this great innate  intelligence right here in my  body and  everything  and everybody benefits and so it ripples on.  Through the teachings over the six days , it was more than just hearing but  really experiencing  the principles of expansion, attention, being authentic, acceptance, transformation, being brand-new, being the centre of my universe,  Applying it in my reality is exciting and I choose new ways of doing things.  I am less afraid of what's going to  happen , I feel safer in myself, more confident , I notice how i'm more spontaneous especially when it comes to talking, and I know that was one of my major blocks. So the changes are definitely there, not huge outer changes, because I'm not looking for that, but I'm sure if I wanted them  I would feel empowered to initiate them.  Knowing you from another workshop before ,  I had no concerns at all... I knew that you would hold the safest space for us all and that opening up is just the way to go, for everybody in their own time... or not.  I think this workshop should be prescribed,  these are skills for life to be learned ! Absolutely  worth every penny, (the worry about money is dissolving anyway, just another fear), so that's no reason and anything else that holds us  back is another excuse, so staying stuck or moving on, it's our choice.  Yes Jody, I'm truly grateful !"   —Iris Barisch,  (Massage Therapist / Lomi Lomi Practitioner), Crosshaven, Ireland

“This work reduces the physical and physiological impacts of the emotional trials that we all have throughout our life, via healing at the core of the cells, which hold memory”. 
S.F. (Housewife) (Canada)

Thank you again, Jody ~ I absolutely loved your healing retreat last year. It transformed my life and I'm still flying and connecting with Source!!!
Thank you for all the consciousness you bring to the planet!! 
—Workshop Participant, (Massage Therapist, Maui) December 2011

Dear Jody,
It's been over two months ago that you gave me the wonderful lomilomi massage, which has made a world of difference to me. I have been so much more relaxed, more at home in my skin, and overall more calm and happy.  Especially being back in the hustle and bustle of everyday life again, I notice a stronger calm in me.  And now for the good news ;-) after we got back from our holiday we started our first IVF cycle, and I got pregnant on the first try! It's still very early days, but I wanted to thank you for your help in this. I strongly believe the lomilomi has helped to make this happen and I cannot thank you enough.  This pregnancy aside, the lomilomi was a wonderful experience which I will always treasure.  Thank you again.   
—Mirjam (Businesswoman) Netherlands

Susan Ziebarth

"One of the biggest challenges I have faced since coming home is to trying to answer the question – “how was your trip” because words cannot capture the experience. So my answer has become “It was beyond any of my expectations and words do not do justice to the experience.” Rather dramatically my osteopath told me that he felt the experience saved my life. So thank you to each and everyone of you for the gift of you and to Jody for calling us together and sharing with us."
—S.Z., (Personal Coach) Ottawa, Canada

Virginia Bullock

"This workshop was like sleeping awake in the hands of God — beyond any beauty I have ever known.
Lomi Lomi Nui is core transformation work and I AM thankful I experienced this!"
—Virginia Bullock, (Healer) Albuquerque, NM

"Jody carries a rare and pure transmission of an ancient Hawaiian Healing craft, coming directly from years of study and absorbtion with a true and powerful Kahuna master. Her gift is one not to be missed. She is a wise and highly intuitive spiritual sensitive, with a deep grounding in the ancient sacred knowledge and authentic ways of the Hawaiian Spiritual traditions that can often be hard to come by these days. I would highly recommend anyone on their path, to experience this amazing and beautiful work. Jody is a living treasure of esoteric and metaphysical understanding and has a profound ability to open this doorway to a world of ancient truth, which grounds us deeply in an experiential communication with our own bodies as vehicles bringing us further, deeper, and higher on our quest for the Divine. "
—Ger Lyons, (Healer)  Ireland

Dearest Jody,
I' m still fascinated and touched by your work!
I feel completely clarified, purified and a lot of space in me, a lot of light, peace and stillness. Thank you so much - I never had a treatment like this!
—Elisabeth Bucher, (Businesswoman) Switzerland

"Hi Jody,
I am still feeling the effects of our profound session and want to express my gratitude again to you and our guides. I want to acknowledge your beautiful Soul and the contributions you make to love through offering your healing gifts...and generosity which I trust will be returned to you many-fold. I was honored to meet you and to experience all the variety of sensations and feelings in my feel the awesome music penetrate my feel the releases...and to come to my simple but deep Truth:


To feel this in my Body, in the DNA, along with the Conscious knowing...that feels like finding a missing piece...."
—Caroline Gold, (Travel Agent) Maui, Hawai'i

Liz Bardyn

"Jody, thank you so much for your wisdom, your kindness, your love, your presence, for facilitating the ultimate experience of being."
—Liz Bardyn, Clonakilty, Ireland


“.....suddenly, I had this beautiful sensation in my body. In all of my body.
A Tingly exhilarating feeling. Beautiful to have and there was a sensation of gold light in my perception too.
Something sparkling. Inside of me somehow. I can not recall sometime when this happened to me before......”
—Silke Neumann, (Physiotherapist) Germany/Tralee, Ireland •

Joanne Connolly

"Jody, your essence is a Big Light.  Thank you for walking your walk — bringing the integrity and grace that you are to this work.
I thoroughly enjoyed the training and look forward to working with you again!"  
—J.C., (Physiotherapist) Dundalk, Ireland

“Jody, just wanted to say how wonderful the course was - definitely transforming - I felt on a high for days afterwards and still feel great.
That release I had was truly amazing.  I so enjoyed the course and all the people, and you - and would love to do the next one
- So Jody, thanks again - it's all having lasting effects!”
—L.S.R., (Artist) Sherkin Island

“I don’t know how to put it into words, what you have done for me.
Something burst inside and it was full of light. I broke through years and years of holding In some way.
Now everyday is just more joy than the last. How can I thank you enough. It will be my pleasure to do work with you again Jody.
I hope that is soon.”
—W. Sakreida, (Administrator) Japan

Joy Adele Hemphill

"I remember the INCREDIBLY POWERFUL energies that I received from the group healing portion of the Hawaiian Wisdom Training
you brought to Vancouver, Canada. Such powerful blessings that you facilitate with your work!"
—Joy Hemphill, (Channeller) Vancouver Canada •

"The Ancient Lomi Lomi workshop accelerated my life in ways I never imagined....and brought my massage to a whole new level."
— Sarah Leal, (Massage Therapist), Maui

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16 Baldwin Avenue, 2nd Floor, Paia, Hawai'i

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